Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trey's Days No. 20

Eleanor, Ella, Moses, Momma, Daddy, Silence

Faithful, strong, fearful, loving
In her eyes love and fear
Black and tan, perfect marks
"That's a beautiful dog" she held her head as if she knew
Ten years on she died quickly, panicked, not wanting to go


Quick, strong, itchy, striving
In her eyes love and patience
perfect black, shiny, mixed marks
"What kind of dog is that?" she holds her head high, knows it doesn't matter
Going strong, surviving what she has to survive, takes her medicine with peanut butter


Heaven sent, came at Christmas time
In his eyes pure love, ever pleasing, dumb faith, the sweetie
Chocolate and cinnamon, perfect marks, otter tail
"That's a beautiful dog" he dances with glee, knowing it is true and he is too
The breath of life, sent as he was by angels to cheer a lonely man


Faithful, strong, fearful, tired, loving to the last
In her eyes love and sadness, joy and silliness, cheering against all odds
"She was a beauty" she never knew it, settled too early, she was a true beauty in the old way
Sixty two years, died hard, twenty-three days struggling against the angel of death, went in a bath of blood
Love softly singing, sweet smelling, gently guiding toward home


Fierce, fearful, intense, self absorbed
In his eyes the exactitude of one who punishes details
Short but ponderous, loving but broken
"That son-of-a-bitch" he came to be known to the one he left holding the bag
Went out with a bang
Wake of confusion, cacophony of pain, mystery legacy


Faithful, eternal, pure love, intense passion, giving, peaceful
In the space, strength, sadness, joy, silliness, cheering against all odds
Perfect, beautiful, knowing, true, it holds itself in stillness, imperturbable
Softly singing, sweet smelling, gently guiding, home

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