Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trey's Days No. 19


There is a place unknown I have no doubt made for us with love sown all about
They go there those who leave us to wait on sofas woven grievous
Whether by sudden bang or quiet whimper their exit all the same love erects it
Makes it perfect through solace and forgiveness with salving balm to erase the mess
And guided there by smell and memory we go through hell until eternity
Catches up with us and leads us in as shepherds crooks o'er darkness win
We find them then as they were before no wound without nor pain within
Shining babies glowing mothers tenders fathers all the others
Who went before and left us we thought through a door with darkness fraught
Only to discover they were right beside us still like tender lovers just across the sill
Through that window we called death a soft warm bed of happy rest
And there we stay with them forever and know that then nothing can sever
Us from those we love

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